Monday, October 6, 2014

Questions about Episode 410?

If you have questions or comments about the absolutely amazing episode 410, this is the place to post them...in the Comment section. Jami O'Brien has agreed to try and answer as many as she can. I think we can all agree that it was a showstopper and most definitely a mid-season cliff-hanger! "Jami O'Brien is an American motion picture writer and producer. She is an Co-Producer, Executive Story Editor, and writer for Hell on Wheels. She joined the crew as an Executive Story Editor for the first season in 2011. She wrote the fourth episode "Jamais Je Ne T'oublierai". She was promoted to Co-Producer for the second season in 2012. She has also worked on the series Big Love, The Deep End, Close to Home, and Lie To Me." For more information on Jami: http://hellonwheels.wikia.com/wiki/Jami_O'Brien http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2542427/


  1. I loved "Return to Hell". I'm so excited that the next five weeks will go too slow!
    Jami, as well as all the cast and crew did an amazing job, as usual. Special kudos go out to Kasha who just killed it! We will miss Ezra (Tayden) though.

    1. Well said Lisa. I totally agree

  2. I loved this episode! This season is the best of all seasons so far. My congratulations and appreciation for well written storytelling of an era often sugar coated or softened for tv. I hope submissions are sent for Emmy consideration. There should be trophies for all!

  3. Jami, just wanted to commend the whole cast and crew for such amazing storytelling. Each episode is orchestrated with precision and is beautifully played. Last nights episode was no exception. Kudos to Kasha Kropinski for a magnificent performance. This show exceeds all others on all levels; it would be wonderful to have such hard work and talent receive the deserved recognition. Please let us know how we, the fans, can affect this. Thank you again!

  4. How do u write season endingz without knowing how many seasons you will have? It's nothing like writing a two hour movie.

  5. I live to watch HOW, and I never get tired of watching reruns. I must say, it is so hard to decide on a favorite season, or episode, but, I must say this season each episode has every emotion in me feeling as if I were actually there. No other TV series ever has left such an impression on me. I find myself thinking over certain episodes at random times during my week before the next episode. Its hard to predict what is going to happen next, and that shows you how awesome the writers, directors, cast and crew really are. I've recorded every season. I truly hope there will be many more seasons to come. I have confidence there will be. Best TV series EVER.

  6. Thank you everyone who brings us "Hell on Wheels". Writers, directors, producers, and entire crew, and most of all the outstanding actors/actresses. AMC is crazy if they cancel this show.


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